Hello! I’m Simon Mesnard, independent game conceptor.
| Bionic Slammer | The Black Cube series | Francium | MVEM – My Village is Magical |
Co-creator and member of The Icehouse collective.

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I’m a freelance creator who works on self made multimedia projects.
“Watch! Play!” describes the two sides of my passion: art and games.

I have been working as a full-time freelancer in France since 2009, and I develop video games, animated short films and comic books since 2011. They are based on stories that I have written. My projects are usually self-funded and I create them on my own at home, or in collaboration with my friends of The Icehouse collective.

My main projects are adventure games, inspired by classic point & click or first person games such as the famous Myst series. More recently, as a fan of J-RPG and Metroidvania games, I joined Team-Icehouse to create Bionic Slammer. I am always excited to cooperate with other indie creators!

◄ Bionic Slammer

Bionic Slammer is a metroidvania with a hand-drawn microscopic world, and a gameplay inspired by 2D games from the 90s. Travel through the different levels with your katana, fight nanobots and bacterias, and save the Body from destruction.

Bionic Slammer is in development and coming to PC in Q1 2024.

The BlacK Cube SERIES ►

A series of sci-fi games in which mysterious Cubes appear on different planets. Many projects were imagined (ASA: A Space Adventure, Catyph, Kitrinos, Myha, Boïnihi…), and the Black Cube series has become a vast mythology within a unique sci-fi universe, continuously adapted into video games.


Francium is a series of free adventure games created in “Game Jams” in a limited amount of time (usually two weeks). Depending on the episode, you play as either Roboto, the king of Francium or Rosie. You visit the museum village of Francium and its surrounding, following a wacky story.


MVEM (Mon Village est Magique) is a transmedia project mixing different art styles, inspired by my childhood in the French countryside near the ruins of a castle. It is based on a series of novels that I wrote in the 2010s and that have been adapted into video games, storyboard and cooperative comic books.

MVEM is still in development, with the hope of adding more ambitious projects to the series.


I directed and created several animated short films in the 2000s and early 2010s to experiment with different art styles, from hand-painted FX to some more realistic renderings.

You can find out many more of my films on Vimeo:


Sometimes I make quick sketches on paper and I color them with watercolor paintings. I did a few video captures:


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